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Get on the road to independence

Are you almost old enough to drive? Do you dream of grabbing the key to the car and driving off on your own? Ah, freedom!

Student DriverYou're anxious to get your license and make your dream come true. However, there's more to think about than simply passing the tests and getting your driver's license. While each state has its own requirements and rules, there is one big question that every future driver must think about:

How will I learn to drive?

Many teens take driver's education in high school, but this may not be the best option for you. Not all high schools offer driver's ed. Maybe you just can't fit it into your schedule. Or, you want to start learning during the summer and the summer school class is filled. Or, you simply learn better in a non-school environment. So, the next question is:

How do I find a good school?

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It's easy: click on Locations and check out the website of your local Sears Authorized Driving School!

At Sears, you'll learn:

  • the rules of the road

  • driving strategies

  • responsible driving

  • relevant legal issues

  • plus, you'll get lots of practical driving experience!

Sears Authorized Driving Schools have certified teachers, offer flexible, convenient scheduling, and most are located at the Sears store in your shopping mall. How cool is that?! Sign up with your friends and have an awesome time learning to drive and hanging out at the mall.

And, best of all, your parents will be happy to send you to Sears because we're a company they've grown to trust over the years. Our schools are dedicated to training safe drivers, our professional instructors have lots of experience and we offer convenient payment options–always important to your parents!

Talk to your parents

Face it, your parents will make the final decision about your driving school; after all, it's their money and they're concerned about your safety. Ask them to check out the Parents section of this website. Our credentials and emphasis on safety will impress them, and you'll be behind the wheel in no time!