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Sears Driving School is an authorized Licensed Business of Sears, Roebuck and Co. and if you have driving educational needs you've come to the right place! The name you trust has the service you need! Whether you're young or old, whether you've been driving for years or want to learn how to drive, Sears Driving School has the program to fit your needs. We are dedicated to creating safe drivers through providing a quality education and experience, while keeping the learning process convenient and enjoyable. The school with the name you trust has been teaching in Minnesota since 1970 .


Program Information


A Sears car and instructor can be provided to take the State of Minnesota Driver's License Exam. The Instructor will pick up the student at their specified location, give them a short lesson, take them to the testing station, and then return them home.
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Adult Driving

Behind-the-Wheel training is provided to adults that would like to begin driving or need additional hours of training as directed by the State of Minnesota. Our adult Behind-the-Wheel program is designed to be flexible to meet the various needs of those seeking drivers education. We offer brush-up lessons, comprehensive drivers training starting with the basics, and specific areas of need such as parallel parking. NOTE: - Each lesson is 2 hours - Full payment must be received before appointments are scheduled. - A $55.00 cancellation fee will apply if a notice of 24 business hours was not given
Course Schedules & Pricing

30/6 Teen Classroom And Behind-the-Wheel Package

Our 30/6 package includes our Comprehensive Driving Class and our Behind-the-Wheel program. The Classroom portion provides the necessary 30 hours and covers material from the Minnesota Drivers Manual as well as defensive driving strategies and tips for passing the Written Test. The Behind-the-Wheel portion provides the necessary 6 hours of in-car training. It is designed to help new drivers develop safe defensive habits as well as train them for all the maneuvers necessary for driving in Minnesota. The training also includes tips for passing the MN Driver's License Exam. NOTE: - Saturday Classes are from 10:30am to 1:30 pm. - A $75 down payment is due at registration.
Course Schedules & Pricing
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